The Gathering

Father Ron Moore and friends at Living Harvest Catholic Church, would you please consider reserving time Wed Sept 21, 7-9 pm for PRAYING with Jesus-followers across our nation? You're invited to "The Gathering, A National Solemn Assembly" to PRAY. Hosting is Gateway Church at Southlake. You're welcome to attend the simulcast/live-streamed event with local friends at First Baptist Church, 620 Fourth St, Graham‎ TX‎, or you can live-stream the simulcast at your own homes, groups, or church. Please consider joining in this unified, humble pleading to Our Father God to save souls and to redeem America from our sinful ways!  


For FREE resources, more videos & info, go to the website:

Please register online if you want the simulcast/ livestream at your home or your church. No need to register if you'll be attending at Graham First Baptist Church ..just come!  Also, as the Holy Spirit leads, please share the video and invitation. Thanks for your consideration, and especially for your prayers! 


(PS "The Gathering" is free of political agendas, merchandise, and ministry tents. No offering will be received. No books will be sold. No personalities will be promoted. This is all about PRAYING!)

  July 2018